Caffeine & Exotics: October 2016

Despite some sprinkling rain to start the morning off, it was a record turnout for Caffeine and Exotics this morning at Lenox Square. There was an amazing of selection cars including several we had never seen at the show before – a P1, DB6, Pirelli Edition Aventador, and more. I drove the Ruf since the Murcielago is still getting refreshed after its recent purchase. Here are some photos. Be sure to download the VINwiki app and check out more.

img_4398 img_4399 img_4400 img_4401 img_4402 img_4403 img_4404 img_4405 img_4406 img_4407 img_4408 img_4409 img_4410 img_4411 img_4412 img_4413 img_4414 img_4415 img_4416 img_4417 img_4418 img_4419 img_4420 img_4421 img_4424 img_4425 img_4426 img_4428 img_4429 img_4430 img_4432 img_4433 img_4434 img_4435 img_4436 img_4437 img_4438 img_4439 img_4441 img_4442 img_4443 img_4444 img_4445 img_4446 img_4447 img_4448 img_4449 img_4450 img_4451 img_4452 img_4453 img_4454 img_4455 img_4456 img_4457 img_4458 img_4459 img_4460 img_4461 img_4463 img_4464 img_4465 img_4466 img_4467 img_4468 img_4470 img_4471 img_4472 img_4475 img_4476 img_4477

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