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We all love Top Gear. People tell me pretty often that I have the best job in the world. Most days it is tough to argue with but on Sunday nights I have some pretty strong ammunition – Top Gear is on. I do not mean Tanner Foust and the Top Gear US boys. I […]

Yeah, we like Astons too…

Motorcars of Georgia is a pretty cool place. Even though the primary business over the past 17 years has been quality pre-owned BMW’s, Mercedes, and other luxury cars; we have some pretty cool exotic franchises as well. We are the Atlanta authorized dealer for Lamborghini, Lotus, and as of March 2010 – Aston Martin. I […]

Top Gear US: Season 2, Episode 6 Review

This week’s episode of Top Gear US centered around a fairly blatant imitation of the UK Version’s cheap car challenges. Each of the presenters was told to buy a car for $500 and then they competed in a series of challenges. The tests included the immensely practical competition of who could push their car the […]

Jasper Cruise In – August 2011

A few of my friends wanted to go to a Cruise-In car show in Jasper, Georgia a couple of days ago and I thought that sounded like a great time. When the Lamborghinis came down the street, the crowd of antique American car owners didn’t know what hit them. To mitigate the shock and as […]

Ed’s Past Lives – Supercar Rentals, Inc.

I have loved cars ever since I got the chance to get behind the wheel and I have always enjoyed the challenge of finding the most cost effective and practical ways to do so. When I look for a place to rent an exotic car I found nothing available in Atlanta. That led me to […]

Check out the Lamborghini Atlanta Mircro-Site

There is only so much information that we can make conveniently available on our main page at We recently created a new micro-site to offer a bit more information about the dealership. The web site is This web site will showcase a bit more information, extra pictures of cars and the dealership, and […]

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Cheers to the Lamborghini Club America

I am a huge supporter and a proud member of the Lamborghini Club America. Andrew Romanowski does an excellent job of running the organization and offering some great events each year for owners to participate in. The club publishes a regular magazine called La Vita Lamborghini. It is a great read. I highly recommend that […]

The Car Show: Lamborghini LP550 & LP570

I will be honest and say that I have found most of the segments of Adam Carolla’s new show on SPEED to be completely insufferable. It is tough for me not to enjoy someone talking about cars but the concept isn’t translating well yet on The Car Show. Matt Farah is one of the contributors […]

Caffeine & Octane: July 2010

July of 2010 was the first time that we met at the dealership and drove to Caffeine & Octane as a group. It was a pretty spectacular showcase of cars. Thanks to Dan Huang for the pictures.