Ed’s Car History: 2005 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

This was actually the Ferrari that I owned for the longest amount of time. I traded the Pozzi Blue 360 Modena for this in July of 2007. It was the only one in the world painted this color – Bordeaux Pontiveccio. I bought it with about 6k miles and sold it right at 17k in […]

Luxury on the Lake – July 28, 2010

Last July we did an event at Lake Lanier with Marquis Yachts. It was a gorgeous evening and we had a great turnout. Nice cars, nice boats, what more could you ask for?    

Caffeine & Octane: February 2011

The morning of Caffeine & Octane in February was absolutely gorgeous. The sky was a breathtaking background for all of the brightly colored cars. We had another great Lamborghini turnout that month.

Ed’s Favorites – The 2000 Diablo GT

All Lamborghinis are rare and all Lamborghinis are cool but there are some that stand out as just being legendary. For me, the coolest Lamborghini of all time has to be the 2000 Lamborghini Diablo GT. The GT was released in 1999 with very limited production. Only 80 of them were ever built. They combined […]

How Does Exotic Car Financing Work?

Some people assume that everyone who buys an exotic car does so with briefcases full of cash. That is not really the case. We actually do a lot of financing on them. I have always financed the cars that I have purchased and will continue to do so in the future. Some people say that […]

New site up at – Countdown!

Lamborghini just rolled out a new site at It says, “Warning – Beware Italian Passion at Work” and shows a countdown that is currently just over 3 days. It is counting down to the start of the Frankfurt Motor Show where Lamborghini will showcase a new Super Sports Car. We are not yet sure […]

Caffeine & Octane: January 2011

Just a week before the ice storm that shut down Atlanta for a week, Caffeine & Octane was alive and well at a new location. For 2011 the event had moved to Mansell Crossing in Alpharetta. We had a more diverse crowd this month. One of owners brought his Ford GT and I drove one […]

Ed’s Car History: 2004 Ferrari 360 Modena F1

This was my first Ferrari. I bought it in December of 2006 with about 1,500 miles. It was one of the best looking Ferraris that I had ever seen. It was Pozzi Blue over Cuoio. It had Scuderia Shields, Daytona Seats, a Rear Challenge Grill, Navigation, and just about every factory option that was available. […]

Spotting Exotics In Atlanta – Chasing Exotics

I remember the excitement that came over me as a child every time I saw an exotic car on the road. In fact, I still go pretty crazy when I see a unique car pass me on the highway or parked in a valet at a restaurant. There is a popular internet activity called car […]

Pictures of My First Gallardo in Atlanta by Andrew Carr & Jay Schipper

A couple of my very good friends took these pictures of my Gallardo in 2006. I thought they came out very well.