Alex Roy’s thoughts on the best Cannonball Car

Yesterday on The Drive, Alex Roy posted some of his thoughts on the best car for a modern day Cannonball. He explores the knee-jerk desire of all car guys to blast across the country in something reminiscent of the girls in the Countach or Yate/Gurney in the Daytona. The thinking man’s choice is clearly very different. Alex’s M5, our CL55, and the S55 from the recent 2904 demonstrate the usefulness of a powerful sleeper. Alex touts the CTS-V wagon, a great choice, and also another off the wall AMG. You will have the read the article to figure out which one.

He offers a great rundown of the successful cars of Cannonball past. Only 8 cars have held the record since 1981. It is important to choose wisely.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 7.17.29 PM

Ed Bolian Record Cars

Roy discusses the cockpit and fuel preparation which should dictate some of the decision criteria. The Ruf RT12S that I recently picked up seems like a great car on paper for a NY2LA run but after 600 miles up from Miami, I can attest that beyond lacking the capacity for certain spares and a third passenger, I am not sure it is comfortable enough for the journey.

For all of us car guys, choosing the car is the best part of the process. Choose right and one day you might standing in front of this sign with a similar smile on your face!



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