A reference list of Lamborghini Colors

In the Diablo lifecycle and early for the Murcielago, it was not uncommon for only one car to be delivered to the US in many colors each year. Since then, production has increased and now we see many examples. As you think about speccing our your dream Lambo, lots of people are looking for some references for some of the rarer colors. Here are some links to photo galleries.

Giallo Orion/Midas – Aventador, LP670Diablo, Huracan, Murcielago

Giallo Maggio – LP720

Giallo Tenerife – Aventador

Arancio Atlas/Borealis – LP640, LP550

Arancio Argos – Aventador, LP570

Verde Ithaca – LP640, Aventador, LP570, Murcielago, Gallardo

Verde Scandal – Aventador

Verde Artemis – Murcielago, LP550

Monterey Blue/Blu Nethuns – LP700, LP720

Blu Cepheus – Aventador, LP560

Blu Le Mans – Gallardo

Blu Caelum – Gallardo, Huracan

Blu Hera – Murcielago

Oro Adonis – Murcielago, LP640

Bianco Canopus – Aventador

Balloon White – LP640

Bianco Monocerus – LP570, LP550

Rosso Vik/Rosso Efesto – LP560, LP640, Aventador

Rosso Mars – Aventador

Nero Aldebaran – LP640

Nero Nemesis – LP570

Grigio Telesto – Performante, Aventador

Side-by-side Verde Ithaca/Arancio Atlas/Rosso Vik – LP640s

Side-by-side Titanium/Balloon White/Bianco Canopus – 3 Gen

Side-by-side Verde Ithaca/Arancio Argos/Bianco Canopus – Aventadors

Side-by-side Rosso Mars/Blu Cepheus/Balloon White – Gallardos

Huracans in Bianco Monocerus, Arancio Borealis, Verde Mantis, Verde Scandal, and Rosso Mars with Gallardos in Giallo Midas and Nero Noctis

5 Generations of Lamborghini Red

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