A GT3 Road Trip

A few days ago I went with a couple friends up to Asheville, NC for the evening on a quick but very fun road trip. Both happen to own Guards Red GT3s. One is an 04, one is a 2010. Here are some pics.

img_5879 img_5880 img_5882 img_5884 img_5887 img_5888 img_5889 img_5891 img_5892 img_5894 img_5896 img_5897 img_5898 img_5901 img_5907 img_5908 img_5909 img_5910 img_5912 img_5914 img_5916 img_5917 img_5923 img_5929 img_5930 img_5933 img_5935 img_5936 img_5941 img_5942 img_5943 img_5946

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