Another Manual LP640 has appeared. This car was sold this week by Lamborghini Montreal. It is a 4th Canadian car. My list only had 3 there up until now. This one is Giallo Orion with a black interior and yellow Q-Citura. They were not sure what they had and sold the car about $100k under the current market value. They received 10 full price offers within 2 hours and many customers offering the new owner huge profits over what he paid. It is staying in Canada for now. The VIN is ZHWBC37M08LA02698 and it had 6,754 km at the time of sale. That made it the lowest mile coupe in North America according to my records. 

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    George J Gerard
    February 1st, 2018 at 3:32 pm


    My son (11yo) and I absolutely LOVE your page!

    We are looking to buy a 07 6speed with 30,100 miles. Black and Black Hermana wheels.

    good condition but not show quality. Maintained.

    Can you give me your ball park cash price if you were buying?

    thanks and more power to you (and us)

    – George Jr and George III


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