Exotic Car Key Collection Pictures


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11/24/15 Update – 3 years ago I posted some photos of some the exotic car keys that I have accumulated over the years. They are some of the most stolen images that I have ever put up. Here are a … Continue reading

A breakdown of our budget for The 2904

Cross country driving is expensive, even in a cheap car. The article yesterday on Jalopnik discussed some of the expenses involved but I thought the full breakdown might be interesting. Here is the spreadsheet that we provided to the organizers of The 2904 to explain how we spent our money. You will notice that the purchase of the car, non-safety related repairs, food, gas, oil, tolls, etc. are counted against the $2,904 budget. Our safety related costs are in the next column including things like lighting, suspension, wheels, tires, brakes, fuel system, etc. The next are event and travel related expenses that are also not counted. Obviously we stretched the rules of this contest to the moon and back. I really wanted to do something in the vein of what we did on the 2013 record drive. That meant using a Mercedes and that meant spending a lot of money on the non-officially-counted parts. My hat is off to the teams who drove 2,800+ miles in cars more traditionally selected for The 2904. Amazing stuff.

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11 New Cross Country Records in ’15: Celebrating the Year of Cannonball


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As the season of favorable driving weather comes to a close, it makes sense to look back on an incredible year of Cannonball-style cross country driving. In 2006, Dave Maher, Alex Roy, and Cory Welles broke a record that had … Continue reading

Congratulations to Alex Roy & Zach Bowman on a new 3 Wheeled Cannonball Record


Just on the tail of our participation in The 2904, Alex Roy and Zach Bowman have announced a new cross country record – NY to LA in a 3 Wheeled Vehicle. Their time was 41 hours 49 minutes. Alex called me several months ago and asked me if I was game to join him. I told him, “That sounds like the most miserable idea ever, of course I will do it.” Further research into fitting a six and a half foot tall person into a Morgan and scheduling proved I was not the right fit but I am massively impressed by the drive. I am also very pleased to have watched from the sidelines rather than been in the car for the terrible experience Bowman describes it to be here in his article to The Drive.

An amazing writeup on The 2904 by David Simpson


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Here is an amazing write up from David Simpson about our experiences on the 2015 running of The 2904. He drove a Lexus SC400 and set a new solo NY to LA record of 34 hours 33 minutes.  “Let’s have … Continue reading

Thank you to the team that made our 2904 time possible!

Ed Bolian 2904A couple of weeks ago we participated in the 2015 running of the 2904. Our official time was 32 hours 5 minutes. We drove a salvage title 2002 Mercedes S55 AMG that we had to completely resurrect for the trip. That beat the previous record as the fastest time ever in a competitive Cannonball style event. Our 2013 record stands as the fastest time from NY to LA but that was a single car, time trial style drive. The team we had for that drive was an amazing group and this was equally significant. I would like to extend a very special thanks to:

My co-driver Chris S
Master mechanic and co-driver Dave “Klink”
Michael Hill for fabricating the coolest fuel cell ever
Adam Kochanski for strategic assistance and monitoring
Andrew Sweet for chauffeur services to NYC
Monty Knight from Conceal-Pro for electronics wizardry
John Ficarra for organizing an amazing event
Corinna Mantlo for putting together an amazing launch party
John Harrison for services at the inspirational Grand Marshall for the event
The GMC Parking Staff at the Red Ball for taking great care of us
Ash & Ladan in NY for their hospitality and advice
Danny Landoni for scouting our way out of NYC
Carl Reese for leading us through part of California
My lovely wife Megan and Peter Musurlian for witnessing our arrival
The field of fellow competitors that pushed us along the way
My family, co-workers, and God for carrying us through an incredible drive